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We provide you with insurance products from the following companies

The following companies are our affiliated partners. We have also disclosed our commission rates below.

Standard Insurance Carriers




Disclosure of Insurance Commissions and Contingent Earnings


The following ranges apply to both new and renewal policies – Auto Insurance – 5% to 12.5% of premium – Property Insurance, Personal & Commercial – 12.5% – 20% of premium


Contingent Income:

In order to do long term, stable business with the insurers marked above (*), we endeavor to place insurance risks which are suitable to their respective underwriting guidelines. These insurers may in turn recognize the success of this process, through contingent commissions, or “profit sharing”, at year end. This profit sharing does not attach to any individual policy and is paid to us only if our overall portfolio produces a profitable result to the insurer. For more information, please go to the individual insurance company’s website.

In the past 3 years this arrangement has averaged 1% of our income.

Should there be any increase in the commissions we receive for your insurance policies, or any other material change in how we are compensated, we will notify you directly.

As your insurance broker, we act on your behalf and put your interests first. We welcome your comments or questions and are pleased to discuss any concerns you may have.

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