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Cynthia Mai

我2009年从中国移民到加拿大,在此之前一直从事贸易工作。来到加拿大后,我很快在RBC 人寿保险公司找到了第一份工作,并从此和保险行业结下了不解之缘。 2018年我成功加入‘联合保险’团队,把汽车保险、房屋保险和商业保险增加到了工作范围。 希望可以通过‘联合保险’这个大平台,为你提供专业、高效的服务。 In 2009, I immigrated to Canada from China. Before this, I had been working in the trading area. After moving to Canada, I got my first job in RBC Life Insurance. From then, my career has a strong connection with insurance. In 2018, I joined BrokerTeam and became a general insurance broker, and explore my business to auto-insurance, property-insurance and commercial insurance. Hope to provide you with professional and efficient service.