Please enter the following information as found on your BrokerTeam invoice/email with etransfer@brokerteam.ca as the recipient email.


  1. Recipient Email Address: etransfer@brokerteam.ca
  2. Security Question: Enter your CUSTOMER ID or ACCOUNT NO. found on your payment invoice/notice
  3. Answer for Security Question: Enter your BrokerTeam INVOICE NUMBER 
  4. Email us at etransfer@brokerteam.ca after making your payment so we can send you a confirmation

If you don't have the information on your invoice/email, please contact your broker.

*Our online payment option only accepts payments from clients with payment invoices/notices from BrokerTeam Insurance Solutions Inc.

**Please verify your e-transfer limits with your financial institution.

***Service charges may apply from your financial institution.

****No refund will be provided to customer if the credit balance is under $10.00.

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