Project Spotlight

Our first corporate social responsibility initiative

Organized by BrokerTeam Insurance, Project SPOTLIGHT is a corporate-responsibility initiative that brings to light many overlooked social needs of our community. By creating awareness, Project SPOTLIGHT aims to enable community support and build mutual trust to make our society inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Project SPOTLIGHT 2018


In 2018, Project SPOTLIGHT held the first inclusive screening of a Chinese movie with audio description in Cantonese and Mandarin in Canada. It was the first of its kind event in the Chinese-Canadian community where both visually healthy and impaired individuals can enjoy the same movie together in a cinema setting. Joining efforts with Joy Beyond Vision Community (JBVC), the event screened two Hong Kong produced movies with deep connections to Toronto, Dot 2 Dot and Napping Kid and allowed us to start the dialogue with our visually impaired neighbours.


Project SPOTLIGHT 2019


In 2019, Project SPOTLIGHT joined forces with an additional partner, Across U-hub, to provide an inclusive screening experience to our audiences. We presented two inclusive screenings of Oscar winner, Ruby Yang’s documentary, My Voice, My Life. Inspired by the film, we took this opportunity to introduce the work of Across U-hub, a local community organization focused on the well-being of young people. With the co-presentation by both JBVC and Across U-hub, this movie screening and awareness campaign drew our community’s attention to the struggles commonly shared by East Asian-Canadian families and individuals with physical disabilities. This event not only gave our friends from JBVC and Across U-hub a platform to present their insights on the similarities between the documentary and our own local communities, but also creates the chance for these two charitable partners to interact and serve each other.

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