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COVID-19 has brought tremendous impact to our way of life. With less in-person interaction, changing driving habits and other fundamental changes to daily life and business operations, we all need some insights on how to navigate the new normal. As a connector in our local Chinese-speaking communities, BrokerTeam has a wide-range of clients and partners who have unique experiences and insights from all walks of life. In this radio campaign on Toronto A1 Chinese Radio, we invite some of our clients and friends to share their COVID-19 silver lining stories and how they have adapted and even thrived in the new normal.   

Inspiring stories from our clients, vendors and friends:

Week 4 - Ron Lynn, Branch Manager, X-Copper Professional Corporation 

Photo of Ron Lynn at the X-Copper Office

With less traffic on the road during the lockdown, the number of traffic infractions and demand for related legal services have also dropped significantly. Like many businesses, the legal service field has had to make tough decisions like temporary lay-offs. While many white-collar industries can maintain normal operations and work from home during COVID-19, some fields, such as legal services, have faced some challenges and limitations when adapting to virtual solutions. For example, all in-person appearances in municipally-administered Provincial Offences courts and all Provincial Offences Act appeals will be adjourned until January 2021. Pending matters cannot be heard as expected at court because of health and safety protocols. The result is a serious case handling backlog in Ontario’s court system. Gratefully, beginning this fall, the court system pivoted and has begun to progress gradually again. In this interview, Ron shares the impact on his firm and his observations on the current situation in the legal services field.

Listen to the segment in Cantonese

For more on Ron and X-Copper, please visit: X-Copper 

Week 3 - Nelson Cheng & Stef Wong, Content Creators at Kidultgarten

Side by side photos of Nelson Cheng and Stef Wong

The birth of Kidultgarten, a new Toronto-based Cantonese internet comedy channel, is a dream come true for Nelson, Stef, and their friends amidst the stress of the pandemic. Created during the lockdown while many of them were temporarily out of a job or working from home, Kidultgarten aims to create a channel for Cantonese-speaking Gen Xers and millennials. After their 100-member Zoom acapella video was reposted by Drake and the Backstreet Boys earlier this year, they decided that now was the perfect time to create a space where their peers can come together in Toronto and develop content that can reach Cantonese communities globally. With the team consisting of people from all backgrounds, they create comedy skits, food reviews, unboxings, gadget reviews, and much more on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to check out the segment below if you want to learn more or are even interested in creating some content of your own.

Listen to the segment in Cantonese or Mandarin

For more on Kidultgarten, please visit their Youtube channel: Kidultgarten

Week 2 - Betty Hsueh, Hair and Makeup Artist at Bridal Secretary

Betty Hsueh applying makeup on a bride

Because of the restrictions on gatherings, many weddings in 2020 have been disrupted—with banquets being cancelled and in-person ceremonies with only a couple of attendees. As a part of the wedding industry, Betty has witnessed the innovative evolution of her counterparts in different fields during this difficult time: Caterers and wedding planners turning people’s backyard into venues, and professional production livestreaming the big day. All these changes have affected Betty’s approach and treatment for the brides’ hairstyling and makeup. Weddings are now a live event attended by hundreds of people through the screen from the comfort of their homes and may continue to be the norm even after the pandemic. Want to know more tips from Betty if you are going to get married in 2021?

Listen to the segment in Cantonese or Mandarin

For more on Betty Huseh and Bridal Secretary, please visit: Bridal Secretary

Week 1 - ChrisB Liu, Registered Art Therapist at The Way We Art

ChrisB Liu promoting art therapy

As an art therapist, ChrisB uses different art materials to help her clients increase self-awareness, develop coping skills, and enhance cognitive abilities. With the COVID-19 pandemic, ChrisB was unable to continue her in-person art therapy sessions, as well as her programs for indigenous youths in remote First Nations reserves in northern Ontario. At a time when the need for self-care and mental health is more important than ever, ChrisB turned to virtual sessions to continue to meet with her clients. While this lockdown has required more time and effort to effectively observe and assess her clients through a screen, it has also given her a chance assess the needs of art therapy in the Chinese-speaking community, who are often less familiar with the concepts of self-care and expressive art. She has since decided to hold free Cantonese-speaking and Mandarin-speaking virtual sessions to the public to promote mental health awareness during this pandemic.

Listen to the segment in Cantonese or Mandarin

For more on ChrisB and art therapy, please visit: The Way We Art

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