The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

Mar 12, 2018

March break is always a much-needed chance to relax and unwind after a long winter. And what’s better than driving to your destination? We’re thinking car games, sightseeing, and packed picnic-style lunches. But before you go ahead and hit the road, here are a few things for you to do to make sure your trip -and return- is nothing but fun and drama-free!



  • Tires: make sure your tires are in good shape and have enough air in them
  • Spare tire is in a good condition. Don’t forget to check the pressure according to the PSI inflation in your car manual
  • Lights: test your headlights, brake lights, tail, and signal lights. Change the bulbs that are not working
  • Wiper blades: Check your wiper blades to see if they’re working well and top up your window washing liquid
  • Oil: oil level is good and the oil itself is not too dark
  • If you haven’t had a car inspection in a while, arrange for one before you leave
  • Have your CAA number saved on your phone in case a roadside emergency comes up 


Money and documents:

  • Cards: if you’re driving to the United States, call your bank ahead to make sure you can use your credit cards there
  • Driver’s license: as obvious as that may seem, you and whoever else is going to be driving need to have your driver’s license
  • Auto Insurance: make sure you have the pink slip in the car. This should always be the case even if you’re not traveling
  • Travel Insurance: print your travel insurance document and put it in your wallet or handbag
  • Digital copies of your documents: email yourself pictures of your passport, driver’s license, insurance and medical cards in case you lose the hard copies
  • Map: If you don’t know the way, you might want to print the directions or save the map for offline mode on your phone so you wouldn’t get lost if there was no data service on the road


Technology and entertainment:

  • Phone chargers
  • Bluetooth headphones or your phone is connected to the car’s sound system
  • Music: download a few travel playlists to keep everyone entertained
  • Travel games: Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, there is always time to play games


Emergency items:

  • First aid kit: bandages, sterilized wipes, alcohol, and scissors
  • Ice scraper
  • Flashlight
  • Matches or lighter
  • Blanket
  • Water
  • Tow cable


  • Lock all your doors and windows
  • Turn off your water
  • Leave curtains and lights the way you usually use them so burglars would think you’re home. If you have a timer for lights, use it to turn on your usual lights at night
  • Keep your heat on. Paying for heat is much cheaper than paying to fix frozen pipes damage which could likely be not covered by the insurance policy. 12° Celsius and higher should prevent that
  • Arrange for a friend or a family member to drop by if you’re leaving for more than 3 days
  • Throw out all the perishable food that could go bad while you’re away
  • Empty all garbage bins

Download Checklist

If your road trip is to a different country, like the United States, or to a different province, you should always consider buying travel insurance. Having travel insurance covers medical care expenses, cancellations of plans that you already paid for, and evacuation to a safe place in case of a disaster. The relatively cheap insurance would also have your baggage covered in case it’s lost or stolen.


You can compare travel insurance rates and purchase the suitable package online through the BrokerTeam website and make sure your trip is nothing but relaxing and stress-free. If you’re unsure which insurance plan you need, feel free to call us on (905) 770-8828

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